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Integra brochure
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July 20, 2017

The Integra Group participates in the development of the hydrodynamic model of the South-Russian deposit field

The engineering center of Siam Master LLC (part of the Integra Group) consolidated the success of the previous year by winning in 2017 the second tender for the development of designs and conduct of a comprehensive interpretation of results of 122 gas-hydrodynamic studies using the ID-KVD method for Severneftegazprom JSC.

Following the results of the interpretation of the researches, one gets the results on permeability, boundary conditions of the well operation, reservoir pressure, coefficients of the laminar and turbulent flow filtration resistance, and calculation of the true and non-Darstiskin factors on the wells.

When conducting the exploration of wells, the main thing is to determine and periodically refine their productive characteristics, which is necessary for developing the exploration and planning the extraction. The results of the work will be used to establish the optimal technological mode of the well operation, determine the measures to increase the well flow rates, construct isobar maps in the sampling zones, update current gas reserves, control and regulate the deposit development system, as well as refine and adapt the hydrodynamic model of the South-Russian deposit field.

Following the researches of the year, a comprehensive report, including the identification of reasons for the non-achievement of objectives of the dynamic well test will be drawn up, while a system of corrective measures aimed at minimizing the negative impact of the identified factors reducing the quality of hydrodynamic research will be shown.