Integra brochure
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LLC «Integra-Drilling», Moscow

Integra-Drilling drills oil and gas wells of different design, purpose and complexity:

We are one of the few companies in Russia to offer specialized drilling service known as sidetracking. Sidetracking requires the use of customized mobile drilling rigs with lifting capacity of approximately 100 to 160 tons, of which there are currently few available in Russia.

Our rig fleet comprises drilling rigs of different lifting capacity, including mobile, skid-mounted and pad mounted drilling rigs. Based on the project requirements the rigs are equipped with TDS, closed loop four-stage Solids Control System, high capacity triplex pumps, etc.

Integra - Project Management (a part of Integra - Drilling) is one of the few providers of integrated project management (IPM) services in CIS.

We deliver a full range of integrated services at every stage of E&P cycle. Our record of success includes onshore projects in Russia, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, with offshore projects in Venezuela, the Caspian Sea, Barents Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk.

We offer the following IPM services:

Typically, IPM services include preparation of contracts and required permits, selection and management of contractors, development and execution of an integrated work program, procurement of materials and equipment, logistics coordination and other services specific to customer needs.

A major advantage of IPM, compared to turn-key contracting, is that customers can adjust work programs at any stage to optimize project costs. Our “Ideal Well” approach offers significant savings through optimal well design, combined with experienced operational management at every stage of the well construction process.

Integra offers the following IPM services:

Well Construction (General Contractor’s services) – well construction management on Customer’s licensed areas, including drilling rig and equipment mobilization; camp, well site, access roads and communications construction; rig up and equipment installation in compliance with Oil and Gas Industry Safety Regulations; well drilling and casing.

Integrated Project Management – construction management services (well construction, field development, field construction), including the team of experts to provide engineering services for the project, and, if required, procurement and logistics services.

Supervising – services of personnel controlling over all kinds of well operations, generating and submitting reports to Customer, coordinating actions of all customers participating in operations, reliable data processing, controlling well construction costs based on the information provided by the Customer, adjusting work programs based on well construction progress.


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