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LLC «Geophyzservis», Nyagan

Geofizservices offers the following range of logging services:

Open Hole and Cased Hole Logging

The key objectives met via logging operations performed during the drilling of a well are:

To run drilling well open hole logging we use LOGIS and MEGA logging tools, enabling to log in one trip. We have also a fleet of dedicated tools for recording selected parameters in the wells with unusual geological conditions and design.

The data are recorded by KEDR Logging Van.

In horizontal wells and sidetracks we run log using velocity logging tool ALMAZ-2 and density logging, acoustic logging and borehole geometry tools manufactured by Neftegazgeofizika. These drill pipe conveyed tools operate off-line and enable to log in one trip. In cased horizontal wells and sidetracks we run log using “rigid” cable conveyed tools.

Reservoir Management Studies and WO

Cased hole logs are run to acquire data aiming to meet two key geological and technical objectives:

Logging suite and technology applied to meet the customer needs in each specific case are selected based on well function, design, integrity, hole angle, well fluid properties, reservoir condition and behavior. Our experienced interpretation experts develop customized work program, provide customer with interpretation results and field development recommendations in a timely manner.

To meet the above mentioned objectives, our company offers a suite of conventional and unique studies.

Well and downhole equipment operation and integrity monitoring:

Current saturation of reservoirs and recovery of reserves monitoring:

Mud Logging and Geochemical Researches

Mud logging and geochemical researches while drilling are performed to meet the following geological and technical objectives:

Mud logging is performed using GEOTEK Mud Logging and Drilling Monitoring Van equipped with a chromatographic gas analyzer, complete set of instrumentation, data processing, visualization and transmission hardware.

Perforation and Downhole Failure Remediation

Geofizservice uses a wide range of the certified perforation products of the leading manufacturers, such as PerfoTekh, Promperforator, Bashvzryvtekhnologia, VNIPIvzryvgeofizika, DYNA Energetics and etc. Perforation technologies are selected based on the specified objectives, downhole conditions and reservoir characteristics.

We offer the following perforation and shooting services:

Our companies have all documentation required to purchase the explosives for perforation and shooting, and also the storage facilities and guard. We have all documentation required to deliver explosives to well site by truck

Log Data Interpretation

Our qualified and experienced well log analysts are familiar with the local geological conditions. Our well log analysts operate state-of-the-art open hole log data interpretation packages Prime and Gintel enabling us to perform integrated, "deep" interpretation and compilation of geological data, ensure high rate of processing, promptly change processing methodics and algorithms, generate deliverables in accordance with the customers' requirements.

We have 24 hours mobile and satellite communication with our logging crews to ensure efficiency of logging operations and logging results transition. Constant communication with the logging crews and flexible working hours of our well log analysts make it possible to provide our customers with log interpretation results in a relatively short time and in strict compliance with the applicable regulations.


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